• Translucent. Can be used on ANY colour leather

• The product will not harden and crack

• Useful for motorcyclists, horse riders and hikers

• The ultimate in long lasting protection

• Won't stain stitching

• Sweet smelling

• Leather Food. Moisturize-soften-preserve. "Helps to waterproof your leather"

• Manufactured in Somerset using 100% natural products

• Great for motorcycle leathers & boots, Shoes, Saddles & tack

• Leather Jackets or Coats

• Leather Sofas and Chairs

• Leather Boots or Shoes

• Leather Bags, Purses, or Wallets

• Leather Car Seats and Interiors

• Motorcycle Clothing

• Reproofs and rejuvenates wax cotton (Barbour/Belstaff) jackets too!

DucksWax - Application Test Results

Tested on a few different colours. Overall effectiveness is very good indeed. The duckswax changes the look of the leather slightly. Darkening a little. But overall improving the appearance. On very light tan, colour it will darken significantly. Water repelling properties are also greatly improved. Water droplets appear & the water runs off.
Motorcycle leathers
Tested on Black, White, Red & Green leathers. The application had no adverse effect on any of the colours whatsoever. Overall effectiveness is very good indeed. The duckswax initially gives a shiny/greasy appearance. This reduces back within 10 minutes or so. There is no greasy feel, thereafter. Duckswax greatly assists in removing road dirt & fly squash. It also helps removal of dirt & fly squash subsequently. There are no adverse effects in terms of grip levels (on gloves or bottoms), after application, having allowed a little soaking in time. Water repelling properties are also greatly improved. Water droplets appear & the water runs off. Leather appears to be softer after application and reduces any squeakiness. Reapplication times will vary according to use.
Car seats & leather furniture
Both myself & a customer have used this product on car upholstery. Very positive results. Seats remain greasy for a few minutes, thereafter drying to a nice finish.
Duckswax softens & feeds the leather. Feedback from customers has been positive. When applied to tack, improves the look.
Due to the nap, DucksWax, is not appropriate for this.
Wax cotton
Tested on 3 jackets. The application brought the old wax material back to nearly as new condition. Water repelling properties are also greatly improved. Water droplets appear & the water runs off.
Tested on a very old "waterproof" suit. The nylon retained the very greasy feel, this did not soak in. However, water repelling is also greatly improved. Water droplets appear & the water runs off.
Horse turnout rugs
There are 2 types, available on the market. Wax cotton & nylon. Effectiveness is the same as above.
This product is NOT suitable for PVC. It will remain greasy & will not soak in.


Hello Martin, I have just ordered a big tub of your product and I must say after getting the first pot my jackets, boots and gloves have never looked better, they are very waterproof now as well. I have an older fabric jacket which leaked a bit on the right sleeve, so I treated the whole jacket with Duckswax and its perfect now, the jacket looks a lot better as well. I use it on lots of things even my Brief Case and the leather seat on my bike but make sure its well polished after application. I think its doing good to the wrinkles on the back of my hands, plus it smells good. Cant say enough on how good it is, wish I had found it years ago.

(update) I have now used this product for 2 years and won't beat about the bush.

Its fantastic on all my leather items and waxed coats, everything looks like new and waterproof. It also works on vinyl and hard plastic, I even used it on my car dash board
Buy some and get more life from your leather.

I've used many leather conditioners but Duckswax is the best I've tried. From shoes to motorcycle leathers, it's been brilliant. Here is my comparison of five different leather conditioners.'

The best at adding water repellence (albeit nothing makes leather 100% waterproof), the best smell, easy to apply, a tub lasts a long time.
Both Renapur and Duckswax take a significant amount of time to soak into the leather (a few days). Duckswax eventually dries nicely, whereas Renapur can remain a bit greasy.

* RENAPUR - I found Renapur was excellent at reviving old leather that had dried up but it didn't add as much water repellence as Duckswax. If the leather was old or dry, then it absorbed Renapur without becoming greasy. However, Renapur remained greasy on newer leather and took significant effort to wipe off.
*CHELSEA LEATHER FOOD - I found this leather food was excellent for keeping leather supple. It adds little in the way of water repellence but is rapidly absorbed by new and old leather alike (i.e. within 48 hours) and maintains breathability. I recommend Chelsea Leather Food if water repellence isn't a top priority and you want a leather conditioner that is quickly absorbed. Also, once the leather has absorbed the Chelsea Leather Food and dried completely, then you can apply shoe polish over it (unlike other leather conditioners).
*KAPS DUBBIN - I know this gets lots of positive reviews, but I found it did little for my leather. I wouldn't rebuy it. The main advantage was that it's cheap.
*ALTBERG LEDER GRIS: I had high hopes for Leder Gris because it's had so many rave reviews. It added substantial water repellence but remained greasy. I couldn't remove the greasiness, which attracted dirt and dust. Perhaps Leder Gris only works properly on the leather that is used in Altberg boots.

By "Lockie" on Amazon

Amazing !!
I went to a show where this product was being shown . . It was amazing how well it soaked into the leather and Barbour type jacket . It totally waterproofed the shoes ,boots and everything he coated and the duckswax didn't leave any indirect residue I was totally impressed . That's why I bought some . My only regret is that I didn't buy the 500 ml tub . I give this ten out of ten . I'm a biker and it's done all my leathers . I'm so impressed
Redrossa (via eBay)

Worth every penny
I remember many years ago seeing either the same product or something similar demonstrated in a department store and bought it for all my leather products.
Moved home, it got lost and never remembered the name. Anyhow came across this product and it is fab. Really brings out the natural colour of your leather items while giving them a lovely shine and water proofing. Less mess and effort to normal wax, this stuff is almost like vaseline and you don't need separate polishes for different colours as this works for all.
Also a little really goes a long way so lasts. I even use it on my car seats to help where they are cracking and has softened them up nicely.
Buttonit123 (via eBay)

I apologise for the v slow reply. I have to quote an overused expression, been busy. Of more note, I didn't want to give a short glib reply that understated my affection for your product.
Originally we were at the Chatsworth Country Fair and we were demonstrated a similar product to yours. Impressed as I was I didn't purchase and instead researched when home and found your product in comparison. With the joys of the net I discovered that your offer of 3 pots and free delivery almost matched the other by price vs volume and with other positive reviews, I choose yours.
So, to the product. My first small pot(100ml?) has lasted impressively well. My wife's shoes and boots, around twelve (probably more) pairs have been repolished, twice and my shoes also. Once you see the results you can't stop, next was a wax jacket. My wife claimed/bought this from a vintage store and required two hearty coats (left to dry in for about a week) to bring it back to its true glory.
Additionally the wax smells wonderful it certainly doesn't smell like your typical wax jacket anymore.
We have one pot left as the second pot has been claimed for a Christmas present for an aging biker.
3 months after initial application all items retain the same youthful shine and waterproof properties and look disturbingly similar to when they were first purchased.
In summary, I would easily recommended this product due to its ease of application, aroma, results and the fact that a little goes a massively long way.
Stuart Bryce

Have to say I am impressed with Duckswax. I have a custom made bike leather from City of Leather that I bought four and a half years ago. It has been work on virtually every ride and been to every rally throughout this time and it has never been cleaned or protected once.

Bought myself a 500ml can of Duckswax at the Manchester Bike Show at Event City. Just given the jacket its first coat and it is looking awesome. Glad I invested in a big pot as I have a shed load of leather to protect.
Ian Carter

This product enhances all my leathers from summer to wet cold winter to protect and look superb.
Barry Simms

Thank you for a great product. Ive done my leathers and the it has lifted the surface dirt and made them look really good. Ive also done my gloves after a ride in the rain they had started to go hard when they dried. The product has softened them nicely.
Thank you. David

Awesome stuff - does exactly what it says on the pot!! My motorcycle boots look brand new again, nice smell to them and water just runs off!! Very happy to continue buying this! Well done Martin for inventing such an excellent product.
Karen Burgess

I bought a 100ml pot and it has completely revived an old leather jacket to the point that one friend asked about the new jacket I bought to replace the tatty old one. I'll be doing another jacket, one trench coat, and probably the car seats. Really good stuff.

Bought 3 pots, one for me and two for friends... All v impressed... And it smells fab! Lovely people to deal with too!
Dan Groves

Sorry Martin for the late reply, I saw an article in the MCN and was determined to purchase some for the brand new Triumph leather jacket I've just purchased.

So far I've done the jacket and my bike boots plus my work boots, plus the wife's and the car seats and the 5 seater corner sofa and it looks like I've hardly used any.
It's a great product and it will be the one I solely recommend to my friends and colleagues.
Andrew Salmon

Have just used this on my much-loved, thirty-something year old Schott leather jacket which was really showing it's age. I can't believe what an improvement the Duckswax has brought - just wish I'd taken before and after pics! Thanks for making an old jacket look like a new 'un :)
I can't praise the stuff enough for what it has done for my jacket, it was in a bit of a state due to its age - the leather had gone very 'papery' and it was really dry and hard. I'd tried to restore it once or twice before with saddle soap and Nikwax but it hadn't really made much difference but one application of Duckswax did the job - and I've now given it another once-over and the softness is amazing! And it smells lovely :) Now to find out how waterproof it is...
I'm also eyeing up all of my boots and bags.. :) Mous Van Gelder

Last week I bought my wife a new pair of Dr Martin boots for work, black steel toe capped industrial soled boots. She was by her own admission stupidly excited but being DM's they were incredibly stiff and she now has some horrific blisters on both feet.
Anyway, in a flash of inspiration last night I took the laces out and gave them a treatment with Duckswax, left it to soak for a while then wiped it off and repeated. I've just given them their 4th treatment and they're starting to resemble Hush Puppies more than DM's. She won't be able to wear them for a few days yet until her blisters have properly healed but the leather is now so supple that I'll happily say she's nothing to worry about.
Certainly easier than driving over them in my car which according to the internet is the only way to soften up your new Dr Martin boots!

5 year old bike leathers and boots, two coats of Duckswax and a 700 mile ride, mostly in rain. For the first time in years, I stayed dry. I just wish I'd done my gloves too. This is the best product I've tried in 30 years riding. I'm a convert.

Very quick delivery and excellent personal service ! My new favourite waterproof treatment for my motorbike leather jacket. I bought the jacket from Amazon so it wasn't very expensive and when it was new it had some sort of thin protective coating but a few rides in the sun and it was in need of some renovating. I tried the top name liquid leather conditioner and was very disappointed. There was a time when that stuff worked wonders but you have to apply it every week and it has no waterproofing properties at all ! It just softens the leather which then acts like a sponge in the rain. DucksWax soaks in nicely and restores the original finish that had worn off in the sun, wind and rain, very happy to have discovered it ! Thanks Martin !
Ian Clarke

The stuff I have been looking for it is great.
Gwen Brooks

Easy to apply, works well, smells great.

Excellent product. Thank you amazon for all these goods you bring to us!
George Antonopoulos

Very good product does exactly what it says on the tub.


Just perfect for keeping shoes waterproof

Smells like lavender, easy to apply made my bike leathers look like new haven't tested in proper rain very good product

As described and expected
Stewart F

Best thing I've ever used on leather Using this as a waterproofer or just as a restorer it works magic on leather. Having used it on 2 pairs of motorcycle boots I can safely say it can stand up to the heaviest rain that Scotland could throw at it. Also used it to bring back an old leather jackets and it looks better than it did when I bought it. Very pleased. Cheers guys at Duckswax!

Your product (Ducks wax), is a wonderful way to rejuvenate my leather jacket andboots. Having scuffed my jacket from a minor case of falling from my motorcycle Ducks wax has made it like new and as for the boots, I no longer get wet feet after rubbing some wax into the seems.
I would highly recommend Ducks Wax to anyone looking to bring a leather item back to full health.
Mike Mellerish

Ducks wax was used on my 5yr old RST leathers to waterproof them for my trip to the Isle of Man TT. I was unfortunate enough to be in a huge downpour getting off the ferry and guess what, I was bone dry, awesome product I would recommended to anyone, not to mention my leathers looked really shiny!!
Chris Parry

An amazing product. Smells great and the amount you get goes a long way. Only used it on my motorcycle boots to re water proof and did an amazing job. Next will use it on the saddle bags and seat. Did a search online and through forums found out about duckswax for water proofing seat seams. Thanks again.
Shahyaan Ahmad

I am using Duckswax on my hiking and work boots as well as my motorcycle boots, easy to use, smells great and a nice finish to boot, no pun intended.
Chris Atherton

I bought duckswax after being wholly unimpressed with Belstaff's inability to recommend a suitable was for their leather jackets. I was slightly nervous about using the product and laboured over the application, with hindsight perhaps using too much, which delayed the drying out.
I left the jacket for almost 2 weeks to completely dry and then buffed to a shine. I've since used on a second leather Belstaff but applied less and it dried overnight. I left it for a couple of days thereafter, due only to availabletime, and it buffed easily. Both jackets have a nice sheen and water beads on the surface. Also used on leather boots although this provides a dull finish compared to the shine from polish. Boots are thoroughly waterproof though. Both jackets and boots are more supple following application.
Taylor Mackenzie

I have a wax cotton motorbike jacket and this stuff is crazy good at keeping your armpits dry.
Conor, London

Very pleased product did exactly what it said on the tin !!!!!! Good service, good product. Thanks

Great meeting you at Thruxton today. Hubby has already treated his bike boots and gloves and they look like new. Also gave my walking boots a treat of a clean and then the duckswax. So far so good plus it smells great.
Claire Preston

Applied to my Cat boots twice now, and buffed up, but not to a high gloss, as some users seem to have done. There has been a slight darkening in colour overall (expected, from pics and other reviewers comments), but in spite of some recent very wet weather, have managed to miss the opportunity test any water resistance improvement! I'm sure it'll be fine, and the boots have a smart semi-matt brown-beige finish, as their supposed to.
Ade Best

Good to meet you yesterday at Prescott got home and treated my leathers with Duckswax they look like new again, first time they have
been treated with any product.
A. Beasley

Hi, We started using Duck Wax about 6 months ago, recommended to us by family member. It is a very good product we use it on our Motor Bike leathers and Boots, also on walking boots and I have used it on my leather furniture. Much better than anything else we have used.
Jean Drake

"I put this on a pair of Haglofs Nubuck walking boots, goes on nicely, looks and smells good, you can even buff to a shine, and it performs really well. I also used it on the dogs Canadian Elk Leather collars, the protection lasted much longer than standard Bees Wax does. Previously I have gone with Timberland Wax which is good but expensive, this is even better, glad I've found it."

Firstly it smells lovely, more like a rich herby oily cream I would use on myself! Tempting though that was I used it on my leather Musto tall boots which were badly in need of some nourishment and beginning to crack and let in water. I wanted something exactly like this which I felt would really get into the leather, not some namby pamby expensive spray can of something. After very generously rubbing in all over, they are now much happier and I can stand in a big puddle and not get wet feet! I will make sure I give them the treatment twice a year from now on, so hopefully they will last me a few more years yet thanks to your DucksWax. I found you on an internet search and the description seemed to fit the bill, which it certainly does.
Jane Ingram

I was about to give up on my leaky leather boots & bin them. Tried Ducks wax & they no longer leak :-) these boots are well worn as I wear them when walking my dogs & when I go through lots of mud to feed my horses. They look like new after one treatment, would definitely recommend & will be buying more. Thank you for a product that actually works!
Jaci Cronin

Hi, I received my pot of Duckswax today and I'm absolutely thrilled with it! I've tried a lot of products and nothing has compared to Duckswax. My leathers I wear when I ride my motorcycle looks like I've bought them yesterday! Will defiantly be using this product for a very long time. Thank you very much!
Rob James

I purchased a pot at the Telford Classic Offroad Show on Saturday, Used it on my trials boot's on Sunday and couldn't believe how good this product is!! I've used many product's over the year's but non as good as this!! I showed my work mates today how good it is by pouring a cup of water over my freshly treated boot's!! Amazing stuff!! And i'll certainly be putting the word out!!

What a great item , the duck wax I applied only once and already it has made a pair of motorcycle boots waterproof they used make my feet wet now they are dry, thanks.

Amazing product for cleaning riding boots and saddles . My Ariat boots come up like new and are now waterproof. I Clean my tack with duck wax as so easy to apply and is not greasy.
Drena Mercurius-Taylor
Update - Amazing product, used this on my country boots today, walked miles over a cross county course today in boggy muddy fields, feet warm and dry at the end of the day. Also used to clean my horses tack after the cross county. Tack is lovely and soft and smells amazing.

Hi Martin. A quick text to say what a great product your DucksWax is ! Bought some from you yesterday at K Pk. I was the Devon chap with my pal Pete from Zummerzet. Did my boots, gloves, leathers and black leather jacket today with great results. Will tackle my old Belstaff tomorrow. Cheers.
Chris M

I bought some at the Birmingham bike show from Martin. I was a sceptic, but I am a total convert. A great product from a great bloke. Well done Martin!
James Ab

Bought a 100ml pot before Christmas to test. I run a bin cleaning company & my boots get basically jet washed all day every day! Nothing I have tried keeps my feet dry :(. Apart from Duck Wax, Brilliant stuff!! I have to apply it everyday as It's quite extreme conditions, but I haven't had wet feet once since I've been using it. & the bonus is it's much easier to apply than leather dubbing or polish :). Suffice to say I have just ordered a 500ml tub. Oh & it's great on my Bike leathers too (which is what it's meant for).
Simon Frost

Using this as a waterproofer or just as a restorer it works magic on leather. Having used it on 2 pairs of motorcycle boots I can safely say it can stand up to the heaviest rain that Scotland could throw at it. Also used it to bring back an old leather jackets and it looks better than it did when I bought it. Very pleased. Cheers guys at Duckswax!

We ordered a small pot, a week ago. I really like the product it goes on very easily and makes the leather look great. Now ordered a large pot because we have several leather jackets and gear to treat before the spring and would like to have plenty on hand for future use.
PJ Frost

Fab stuff. My leather sofas have never been better.
Kim McGarva-Owen

Got my Duckswax a couple of days ago, my boots look great and shed water. My jacket looks like new and water flies off it, my gloves are much the same. What a top product, worth the effort. Off to my dads to sort out his leathers too!
James M Lowe

Have been using Duckswax for several months.....highly recommended.
Barrie Green

I have used it on my riding and walking boots and anything else leather that I owned, to very good effect. Rain and water just beaded off, brilliant! I have re-proofed one of my lightweight horse rugs, but havent used the rug yet so cant comment on that.
Miss K D Dalman
BA (Hons), Dip.

So, here is a picture of my race leathers, The top view is after I did the fire burnout at SCR. The bottom view is after I had cleaned them with Duckswax. The best part is that I had already given the leathers a coating of Duckswax a week before and this helped to clean all the black stuff off later. The black stuff being petrol mix, water and probably oil and various bits of rubber from the tyre,
Team Flying Duck Theory, Motorcycle Sprint Racing

phil leathers smallHi, I've just given my trousers their second treatment and my boots their first. My trousers look better than they ever have. I bought them 2nd hand off eBay about 5 years ago, they'd hardly been worn but stank of cigarette smoke. After lots of use (and a fair bit of fabreeze) they didn't smell any more and were incredibly comfortable but didn't look very tidy. Anyway, as you can see, they're now better than new. They've never been waterproof and I wear over trousers when it rains but it'll be interesting to see how they hold up now when I'm caught in a quick shower. Phil Harrow

PhilHarrow Leathers2small(Update) Jacket now done having been really impressed with how much better my trousers and boots are. After I've done my gloves I'm going to need to order another pot!
Phil Harrow

I have used it on several pairs of shoes, it is easy to apply, and smells pleasant, more importantly leaves no polish on fingers! The shoes look good and buff up with a good shine, waterproof too.
Andy Davies

I bought a 500ml jar. Its very easy to apply and not as sticky as leather food . It smells nice and i put some on a pair of dainese leather jeans that had been in a washing machine then left for about 6 months and were hard. One treatment of duckwax made them far more supple. It sinks in straight away and is very good. Hardly used any of the duckwax to treat two sets of leathers. Id say buy it.
Gary Swift

I have been using DucksWax on my Gore Tex motorcycle boots and my already waterproof golf shoes (Footjoy), so it is difficult to say whether it waterproofs the items as they are already waterproof in the first instance. In addition my golf shoes are new so again it is difficult to say that DucksWax brings the shoes back to life.

When I bought DucksWax, I was actually looking for leather conditioner to help keep the leather supple and to prevent cracking but since the golf shoes were new, its not possible to say whether DucksWax has any effect or not. My motorcycle boots are about 3 years old and I had only used kiwi polish on them but now use DucksWax almost exclusively possibly once a month but I generally keep them in pretty good condition in any case, cleaning and polishing them regularly. Having said that water certainly beads on the surface of the leather after using DucksWax when before it didn't.
Kenneth Lee

Hey Martin, this stuff is the dogs mate. Used on all my biking leathers,also used on my hand tooled leather seat,does what it says on the tin.
Arthur Robinson

Bought the duckswax to use on leather motorbike jacket boots and gloves. What a great product! My jacket looks really good and the boots are still looking great after two weeks....granted we've not had much rain recently but I'll be using everything through the winter as usual so it will get a proper test in the coming months. Thanks again.
PS The 100ml tub has done two jackets, a pair of gloves and three pairs of boots and there's plenty left.

I found out about your Ducks Wax by doing my own research on the Internet: reading other reviews and recommendations. I guess I settled on your product after liking the reviews I saw, especially those written by Bikers, which was also my application. Also I liked that it seemed to be YOUR product, 100% natural & made in the UK & at the right price. I've found it easy to apply, and nice to use, but haven't seriously tested it's waterproof properties yet. I will no doubt get plenty of chance this Autumn/Winter.
So far so good! - Year round biker.
Stephen Gostt

I have just ordered a big tub of your product and I must say after getting the first pot my jackets, boots and gloves have never looked better, they are very waterproof now as well.

I have an older fabric jacket which leaked a bit on the right sleeve, so I treated the whole jacket with Duckswax and its perfect now, the jacket looks a lot better as well.

I use it on lots of things even my Brief Case and the leather seat on my bike but make sure its well polished after application. I think its doing good to the wrinkles on the back of my hands, plus it smells good. Cant say enough on how good it is, wish I had found it years ago.
John Dunlop

Hi Martin, Used the Duck's Wax on all my leather Motorcycle gear and boots and find it a very good product has softened up the leathers immensely, would recommend to others.

Gave my leather jacket and trousers a birthday, they came up like new well recommended!!
Maria Husson‎

Hi Martin, I bought the DucksWax to use on my motorcycle leathers and boots, and so far I'm really impressed with it. So much so in fact that I now use it on my leather shoes and wax jackets as well. And yes you were right it does have a really nice smell.
Alex W Hoyle

Martin, Your product is excellent. Used on Daytona leather m/cycle boots, Knox gloves, Bering jacket. Most notably, it completely revived an Alpinestars race suit that got soaked en route Fulham to Spa Francochamps. All above black leather.
Ian Glover-James

This stuff is the Dogs or Ducks knobblies! ... we have a lot of leather bike stuff, Touring jacket and Jeans, Road Jackets, Racing Suits, Boots and Gloves .... all get the Duckswax treatment and all stay nice and supple and pleasant to wear. Duckswax is easy to apply and unlike other products I have used, leaves no waxy residue. Everything gets treated before being stored over the winter months, which means no mould or stiff leathers come the spring.... I shall be ordering the giant 'Bucket' size very soon as I've just run out!
Phil Miners

Excellent product, fast delivery. What more can u want.
Helen Whitehouse‎

"The product works beautifully, is easy to use and is very reasonable considering how many items you can do with one pot. I walked for over 8 hours in London in the rain on Saturday however, my boots and leather jacket remained dry with the droplets just resting on the surface!!"

Karen Bates-Harris

After trying many products on the market over recent years I was a little dubious to say the least about trying Ducks Wax. Once it arrived in the post I immediately took a pair of steel toe capped work shoes and applied the wax and was instantly impressed. This spurred me on to apply it to my leather motorbike gear, once I had covered my boots, leather trousers and jacket I found I couldn't stop myself and continued to apply it to my motorbike seat & every pair of shoes I could find which included my wife's Hunter Style walking boots, my sons school shoes a pair of hiking boots and a wax jacket. After I had finished my shift at work the next day my shoes still looked like new. I am currently searching the house for more items to apply Ducks Wax to and will definitely be placing an order for more. On the whole I have to say this is a wonderful product which I would fully recommend to anyone.

Ps: my wife had now confiscated Ducks Wax off me as I am eyeing up the goldfish!!

Dean Moore

"This product is unbelievable, if you Hunt, play Polo, or Beagle.. it really is a must, to preserve those leather boots!!!"

Lord Anthony Leitrim

Used your ducks wax on my motor cycle trial Boots for the first time today, waterproofing worked great, feet stayed dry all day in awful conditions. What also impressed was the "as new" look after only a couple on minutes of application..

Wayne Thomas

I put the duck wax on 3 pairs of boots, 2 of mine and 1 of my daughters. There has been no rain here since I applied it so the fields are quite dry at the moment but I put my feet under the hose in 1 pair and the water just ran off them! It was brilliant, for once I seem to have found a product that actually does what it's supposed to, waterproofs!!! I'm so glad that I found you on Facebook, I'm not even sure how I did, but thankfully I did. I will definitely be ordering some more when this pot runs out and also will recommend you of anyone is after a waterproofing product.


Got my duckswax and used it on my boots and my tool roll and seat on my kawasaki bobber and they know look brand new.Great product,recommended.

Wayne Galea

A word about using Duckswax on nubuck. The information on the pot label states that Duckswax can darken nubuck, and indeed it does. However, after several days the darkening diminishes - I treated a brand-new pair of Wrangler nubuck boots just before Christmas, and now they're almost back to their original look. They're a little darker, have the faintest hint of a shine, and the colour is subtly graduated (probably from being a little heavy-handed applying the wax at first). This gives them an attractive (in my opinion) slightly worn, slightly aged, look, with the 'lived in' patina that manufacturers try to achieve. Unless you really prefer the look of brand new nubuck, I wouldn't worry about it.

Martin Senior

What a great product why didn't I know about this before no more wet feet or waiting for my mx boots to dry before I can go out on my bike again highly recommend this product to anyone that wears leather footwear!

Scott Mills

It worked fine, made the boots waterproof again very pleased.

Ian Binding

Tried it for the first time at weekend on my trials boots, really good kept the water out and my feet dry...


I bought some of this off ebay a couple of weeks ago